Mafu's Funeral Home

Service beyond expectations

Mafu's Funeral Home is Tshilidzi Wonderful Mafu's brainchild, Conceived in 2003 and wholly black woman owned. Wonderful has a collective 10 years experience in Human Resource Management and 15 years in Funeral Services Management. Over the years, She gained valueble experience in servicing people, and believes in legendary customer's satisfaction. Her nurturing personality is an asset when extending her services to the bereaved families and prospective funeral plan customers.


In all our dealings on business and personal levels.


Extended to the bereaved at all times.


Demonstrated for the deceased, bereaved and other stakeholders


Our whole operations is hatched on satisfying you


Mafu's as a Funeral society is the marketing leader in

  • Funeral insurance
  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Products

And deliver a customer friendly services throught well-trained and innovative personnel supported by new technology


To deliver exceptional services as a funeral society

The main functions of Mafu's are

  • To render affordable FUNERAL PLANS (Schemes) to clients
  • To perform affordable and dignified FUNERAL SERVICES on a country wide basis
  • To render need directed and cost effective products and services in respect of funeral commodities
  • To ensure the best technologies and administratative procedures and implemented for effective clients services


Loyal Clients